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Protect Your Investment & Extend Its Life Against Corrosion!
  • Protect Your Investment & Extend Its Life Against Corrosion with 'The Original' Vapour Guard!
  • Do not settle for imitations or cheap knock offs!
  • Vapour Guard is safe if applied in accordance with instructions and will protect your investment where manufacturer and extended warranties do not - against corrosion!
  • **See alternate images above for example of protection after 12 months**
  • Kit Includes Detailed DIY Instructions, 160g Vapour Guard spray can & microfibre cloth.
  • Includes a 6mth 'money back guarantee' on NEW appliance electricals treated in accordance with instructions.
  • Vapour Guard is anti static, fast drying and non stick within seconds. One 160g can of VG will treat approximately 6-8 x 106cm flat panel TV's if used in accordance with instructions. VG will extend the life of your electrical appliance for years if used periodically, say every 6 months just to ensure ongoing protection. You can keep a couple of new 106cm flat panel TV's fully protected for 2 years with just one 160g can. It's that easy!
  • If you live in a coastal area then you would understand how important it is to protect your home electricals from the destructive power of sea spray or ocean air.
  • The Corrosion Inhibiting formula used in the Vapour Guard process is highly regarded wordwide, as being the very best product of it's type in the world today. It is manufactured by a reputable US Company who are synonymous with innovative corrosion protection and are world leaders in the field. The product has been used very successfully over the last 10 years in mining, shipping and electrical contracting, but, until now, has not been widely available to the private consumer.
  • Action Corrosion have devised a unique patented process using this product in a spray form to protect all flat panel televisions and other home electrical appliances from corrosion. The same technology can be used to protect electrical circuitry, computers, electrical components and other sensitive electrical equipment for both indoors and outdoor coastal environments.
  • What is our `Vapour-Guard’ system?
  • The product is a blend of special compounds which are in a spray form. VG forms a very thin layer or`skin’, only a few molecules thick, on the surface as they interact with all metals present. These chemicals are non-hazardous and unique in that they prevent the interaction of: air, water, moisture or contaminants with the metal, thus preventing corrosion. The product is pro-active in that it actively seeks out and protects all metal surfaces within a contained area. This product gives extended protection to electrical circuitry and appliances. The physical change of liquid to a vapour is similar to the way a mothball works.
  • What will Vapour Guard protect?
  • Vapour Guard is used to protect enclosed components (parts or systems made of various metals) from corrosion by placing one or more of the devices in a container, package or other enclosure. This includes electronics, cabinets, outdoor air conditioner condensor units, closed bins, re-useable packaging and enclosures of all types. Computers and other electronic devices, electrical control boxes used for plant equipment, control boxes containing relays, switches, electronic gear aboard ships & airlines, tool boxes, spare parts boxes and storage units, fuse boxes, telecommunications devices, analytical equipment, gun cabinets and any other enclosure that contains metals that will corrode. It is also used extensively in shipping containers and packaging.
  • What will Vapour Guard (VG) do for me and why do I need Vapour Guard (VG)?
  • VG will save money (and time) for almost any company using electronics or companies that are processing or manufacturing items made from metals.
  • VG reduces the occurrence of electrical/electronic failures in relays, switches and connectors preventing corrosion which is the Number 1 cause for failure of electronic and electrical devices.
  • VG reduce maintenance by reducing failures, OEM equipment warranty claims and part replacements.
  • VG extend the useful life of equipment and parts.
  • VG improve reliability by reducing noise levels, relay chatter and switch reliability and continuity.
  • Protected parts are always immediately ready for use
  • VG reduce accumulation of contaminants. The quality and performance of electronic devices will also improve in that they will look cleaner, function more reliably and have lower electronic noise.
  • What about using Vapour Guard in high voltage equipment?
  • These products have been used in equipment which has operating voltages exceeding 5000 eV. We expect that if they are used at higher voltages there will also be no adverse interactions. In fact they will minimise formation of corrosive components, which extends equipment life and efficiency.
  • What about use of Vapour Guard under harsh conditions?
  • VG have been used very successfully under extremely adverse conditions, including remote control switch and relay boxes located near the sea, oil platforms, underground mining equipment, aviation equipment, aerospace, electric and public works utilities and atmospheres containing over 200 ppm of mixed acids such as SO 2 , H 2 S, HCL, etc., and in control boxes in harsh industrial atmospheres of +80 degrees F, RH of +80 %.
  • What about using Vapour Guard in older equipment?
  • Although VG will not reverse prior corrosion, when they are used in older equipment, they will extend the useful life of parts & equipment reduce failures and reduce further incidence of corrosion.
  • See our image of the Computer Circuit Board with one half treated with Vapour Guard and the other left untreated. After 12 months the corrosion to the untreated half is apparent.

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