How to Pick the Right Curtains For Your House

April 2, 2021

You can give a positive and strong effect on your house by choosing the right curtains for it. But it is not easy to choose suitable curtains for a house. To make things easier for you we have based the selection of the right shop curtains online in Australia on four main factors including the fabric of the curtains, their color, length and lining of the curtains, and style of decorating them. All these factors are briefly described hereunder to make it easier for you to understand them.

The fabric of the curtains: While choosing the fabric of your curtains you will have to consider the location of your room and the thickness of the fabric. You may have to choose a durable fabric like chintzes, faux silk, cotton canvas, or brocades for this purpose if your room is very sunny as over-exposure to the sun can damage its fabric as well as color. However, you can choose sheer fabric made from silk, synthetics, or cotton for your room if you want to get the maximum amount of natural light in your room. For colder days as well as for maximum coverage you can opt for heavier fabric like suede, velvet, tapestry, wool blended or corduroy, etc. However, if you want to reduce noise and light in your room then you can choose blackout curtains made from Therma-weave or polyester fabric.

Color of the curtains: The second thing to consider while choosing the right curtains for your home is their color. The color of the curtains must complement the color scheme as well as the decor of your room. While choosing curtains you must keep the fabric of the furniture as well as patterns on the wallpaper in your mind. The curtains with lively patterns can energize the entire environment of your room. However, you can improve the decor of your room by adding fun to it with printed curtains. Instead of using patterned curtains, you can use subdued fabric to make curtains of your room that already has very busy decor.

Length and lining of the curtains: Third thing to be considered while choosing the right curtains for your home can be their length and lining. To create a powerful and lavish effect your curtains must hand at least 6” above the level of the frame of the window. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can be the right choice for rooms with a low ceiling. For smaller rooms, you should avoid using thick fabric to make its curtains as they will make the room look smaller and uncomfortable. To give a modern look to your home your curtains must flush with the floor but for a traditional look, your curtains should be few inches above the floors. They must be lined with protective lining if your room is exposed to sunlight or a fragile fabric is selected for this purpose.

Style of decoration: Last but not least thing to consider is the style of decoration on the curtains. The decoration on the curtains must match the decor of the room as well as your personal preferences.

Thus by considering the factors discussed in this write-up you can easily choose the right curtains for your home.